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My name is Vickie Natale, your instructor, coach and consultant for one of the simplest ways to prepare and maintain your business for USDA Organic certification and continued compliance.

I have two incredible adult children and live in San Clemente, California.  I became an engineer in school and used that education in the area of manufacturing.  I love walks and walk several times per week.  Since I live close to the beach I walk regularly on the beach year round.  I also love to travel.  And I am passionate about everything ORGANIC!

As a manufacturing engineer I used my expertise for the past 20 years manufacturing products that required regulatory agency approvals and continued compliance.  Fifteen years were spent operating my medical device manufacturing facility and the past 5 years as a personal care products manufacturer.  Medical devices required quality managements systems such as FDA, ISO 9001, UL, etc.  In the case of personal care products, specifically organic, the regulatory agency has been USDA.

When I first applied for my USDA Organic audit, it was just 2 months into the start of my personal care products company (started in my kitchen).  I decided to use my past experience with quality management systems and create a simple yet effective system.  The audit time arrived and my auditor completed the audit in 2 hours with nothing that needed correction and I was approved for USDA Organic certification.  He said that it was the easiest audit he had done and that the system that I used should be taught to others.

So, I am delighted to be able to take you through what it takes to become USDA Organic certified using the same system that has worked for me throughout my career passing every single audit and maintaining all of the certifications necessary.


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