The ORG&NICS Organic Certification Preparation Course

The Most Comprehensive, Easiest Approach to Successfully Passing the USDA Certification Audit

The USDA Certification Process for Organic Foods and Personal Care Products Can Be Confusing, Even Intimidating!

There’s a reason why it’s hard to pass the USDA Organic Certification process: it’s to ensure only great products are allowed to reach the market. This means consumers all over the world know they can trust the USDA standard of excellence.

The challenge is that so many producers of great organic products are easily lost in the certification process. There’s little to no guidance on how to prepare, what details to document, and what steps are needed to successfully pass the USDA Organic Certification audit…

… until now!

Gain the Confidence and Clarity You Need to Successfully Pass Your USDA Organic Certification Audit

With our ORG&NICS Certification Preparation course, you’re equipped to:

  • Follow our step-by-step process from start to finish so you know you didn’t miss any important details in preparing for your audit. No more fear of the unknown!
  • Implement our traceability system that can be custom-fit for your product, company, and facility, whether you’re operating out of your kitchen or a massive warehouse.
  • Equip you with the exact language of communication your local certifying auditor needs to hear to know you did your homework and respect their standards.
  • Give you a clear understanding of what you might encounter with your physical audit. Let’s leave the surprises for birthday parties and Christmas Day!

If you’re serious about successfully passing your USDA Organic Certification Audit, our Preparation course is the perfect path to follow.


What’s Included With ORG&NICS Certification Preparation Course

Our ORG&NICS Certification Preparation course is a powerful seven-module, video-based learning experience designed to guide you through the essential details and documentation you need to successfully pass your USDA Organic Certification audit. We provide access to the most comprehensive process that is still undefeated in regulatory audits.

You get a front-row seat to over 20 years of training, tools, templates, strategies, and experience so you can approach your certification audit with confidence and peace of mind.

Module 1: Roadmapping

This is our high-level overview of the entire step-by-step ORG&NICS proprietary process. You will see specific benchmarks to keep in mind throughout your learning experience.

Module 2: The Basics of Regulatory Auditing

We dive into the background and integration that regulatory auditing has with U.S. food and personal care consumption. You will learn the how, the what, and the why behind USDA Organic Certification.

Module 3: The Fundamentals of Organic Certification

This module is where we start developing your Organic System Plan. We also discuss key policies and procedures to keep your product in line with USDA Organic Certification guidelines.

Module 4: Core Systems of USDA Organic Certification

Our ORG&NICS proprietary process involves eight core systems to ensure your product meets or exceeds USDA Organic Certification standards. This is where we spend the ‘lion’s share’ of our time preparing your product.

Module 5: Manufacturing Processes

Product formulation is just one part of the entire manufacturing experience from raw ingredients to finished packaging. You will see the totality of taking your product from its recipe stage to processing and tracking in order to remain accountable to your consumers from the moment it leaves your distribution center.

Module 6: Vigilance and Recall

No product is perfect, which is why we also include this module to prepare you for any product recall or health risk. Think of this module as your security blanket to keep you ready for even the worst possible scenario.


Module 7: Final Preparation

We address the final moments leading up to your USDA Organic Certification audit. Last-minute details, conversation tips, and final preparation insight can help you accelerate your auditor’s experience with a big stamp of approval!


BONUS: Two (2) 30-Minute Touchpoint Calls

As an added bonus, you also receive two (2) 30-minute one-on-one Touchpoint Calls where you can ask any question, share any concern, and get the coaching you need to better understand the course content.


Meet Vickie Natale, Your ORG&NICS Guide

Hi, I’m Vickie Natale! I’m the founder of ORG&NICS and your guide for the ORG&NICS USDA Certification Preparation course. I spent the past 20 years building manufacturing businesses under the guidance of several regulatory agencies. To date, exactly zero of my products have yet to fail any regulatory audit from the FDA, UL, ISO, and USDA.

This is the course I wish I had when I first started in this amazing industry. Now, I’m bringing all of my experience, insight, and lessons learned into an ecosystem of online learning to make your pathway much easier than mine. This is the exact system I used to prepare me to pass the USDA Organic Certification audit in only two hours, which normally takes between one to two days to complete!

Our ORG&NICS Certification Preparation course replaces fear and frustration with confidence and peace of mind. Whether you’re just getting started or have an FDA-approved facility with a warehouse of employees, this course is for you!


What's Your Investment Toward USDA Certification Audit Success?

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What If You Still Have Questions?

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