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  • You have a great organic food or personal care product you know your market will love, but you don’t know how to approach the USDA Organic Certification process.
  • You tried prepping for the USDA Organic Certification process - and it was overwhelming!
  • You have run into difficulties with your USDA Certification audit and you’re losing hope that you’ll ever get your product to market.
Here’s the good news… you don’t have to go through the USDA Organic Certification process alone!
ORG&NICS is your step-by-step pathway for passing the USDA Organic Certification Audit with confidence and your integrity intact.


Download your first course to guarantee your Product Formulation meets or beats USDA Organic regulatory guidelines.


Organic Regulatory Guidance & Necessary Intermittent Compliance Support

ORG&NICS is designed with your organic certification and continued compliance success in mind. Whether you’re new to manufacturing (even in your kitchen) and have only one product or you’re more established in a full-scale facility and distribution center with a multitude of products, our proprietary process can help you navigate the confusing, frustrating journey through the USDA Organic Certification process.


Our ORG&NICS Course

Your Complete Path to USDA Organic Certification

Our ORG&NICS flagship course is a rapid, simplified walk-through to best prepare you for the USDA Organic Certification audit. No matter your product, whether it’s energy bars, a great new line of skincare or the best herbal remedy, this course has all of the required regulatory preparation and details ready for you. You just customize and fill in the blanks while guided each step of the way to being fully prepared to contact the certifying agency for your first successful USDA Organic Audit.

There is no other preparation on the market today that can compete with our ORG&NICS course. This is the exact process we followed to 100% success in passing every audit for the past 20 years.

If you’re serious about getting your products and facility certified as organic the right way, this is the best course to guide your success.


Meet Vickie Natale, Founder of ORG&NICS

Hi, I’m Vickie Natale! I’m so excited to see families all over the world enjoy great new organic products. It can be so intimidating and confusing to prepare for and go through a regulatory audit. I spent over 20 years as a Manufacturing Engineer in regulatory excellence helping people like you bring organic products to the marketplace with integrity.

I personally built several manufacturing businesses under multiple regulatory requirements. What I’m most proud of is that I have yet to fail any regulatory audit from the FDA, UL, ISO, and USDA. This is the track record of expertise and insight I share through ORG&NICS. Your customers are excited to see your new product, and I can’t wait to help you prepare for and pass your audit and start changing lives with what you have to share!


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